My wife and I started out just talking about doing this while having sex. This went on for many years. One night after a few drinks I asked if she would really do it, she said “yes if I knew you wouldn’t get upset”. I told her if she was serious then put on something sexy and we’d go out and see what happened. She came back in a little white babydoll type dress, pulled it up and showed me she had on no panties, just the dress and sandals. We went to a hotel close by with a lounge and sat at the bar and had a few more drinks. One guy kept looking at her from the booth about fifteen feet away and she said she liked him looking. I told her to show him something and see what he did. She turned toward me and let her legs part enough that he could see up her dress. He was looking and smiling now so I told her she should go to the ladies room and pass by him on the way to see if he said anything. She did and he did, she didn’t keep walking but sat down next to him in the booth and while I watched her she told him something and took his hand and placed it on her thigh. She looked right at me and spread her legs and let him slide his hand up under her dress. He played with her for a few minutes and made her squirm. I walked over to the table and asked him (with his hand still up her dress) if he’d like to get a room and really enjoy her. He looked at her and she nodded her head and he told me he had a room already if we wanted to go there. We went to his room and she wasted no time at all, just started kissing him and peeled off her dress. It took him about 5 seconds to strip and pull her onto the bed. I sat in a chair next to the bed and watched the two of them for almost an hour. At one point she asked him if he wanted me to join in, he said he didn’t care what I did as long as she didn’t quit riding him. I stood by the bed and stroked until I was rock hard and let her take me into her mouth. That made him so hot he came almost immediately. She rolled off of him, laid back and spread her legs and asked if I would lick her until she came too, which I gladly did, creampie and all. She came harder than ever, even squirted twice. We all three laid there for a while after she came and talked until we got up, got dressed and left. Now she goes out sometimes with me, sometimes without but always comes home fill and ready to be eaten. She told me one night while I was licking her that it made her feel slutty and she always wanted to try it but never thought a guy would like to see her slutty side and still be with her after!

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